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Our History

The company was founded by Pedro C. Scarlassara in 1985. He used to be a milling machine operator in the former GE in Campinas and milling supervisor in the former Clark Michigan, nowadays, Volvo Construction Equipment in Pederneiras.

It is a family company, formed by the industrial director Pedro C. Scarlassara and his son Anderson G. Scarlassara (Commercial Director). We know that one of the curiosities is the company name Pedro II.

Since the founding father was also called Pedro, here is Pedro II.

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Technical Training

Industrial Director - Pedro C. Scarlassara

  • Milling Mechanic - SENAI;
  • Technical Drawing - SENAI;

Commercial Director - G. Anderson Scarlassara

  • Milling Mechanic - SENAI;
  • Mechanical Technician - UNESP;
  • Business Administration - ITE;
  • Master’s Degree in Business Management - FIESP;


  • They all have training in mechanics.
  • The company encourages staff upgrading and specialization in technical and behavioral training. The company achieved in 2007 an average of 105 hours/employee, and in 2008 the average of 90 hours/employee.


  • Board member of regional FIESP DEPAR Jau;
  • Councilor of Regional CIESP Bauru, and local representative in Pederneiras.

Awards (company and directors)

  • Standard Worker SESI Award of the region in 1978;
  • Twice as State Champion in Mechanical Turning in the Professional Training Tournament in the state of Sao Paulo in 1991 and 1994;
  • National Champion in the Mechanical Turning in the Professional Training Tournament in 1994;
  • World Champion in Mechanical Turning and CNC Turning in the World Skills Competition in 1995 in France;
  • 2006 Business Excellence Award in the micro and small enterprises category, through regional CIESP Bauru;
  • 4th Place in region 5 (Araraquara, Bauru, Jau, Marilia and San Carlos) and 14th in state in the 2008 Quality at Work SESI Award.

Social activities

  • Board Member of “Vicente de Paula” Home for the Elderly in Pederneiras;
  • Board Member of “Padre Montezuma” Day Care Center in Pederneiras;
  • 3 x 0 GAAN Project, a project with sport and awareness lectures for 80 needy children;
  • Contributions (hospitals, day care center, Home for the Elderly, APAE etc.).
Pedro II